Dr Shoukath Ali

❝ Dear friends… KNM is organising its 9th state conference that will be held at Kooriyad (Malappuram ) on 2017 December 28, 29, 30 and 31st …
KNM is a know as the renaissance forum from the Muslim community and a pioneer organisation in the socio -religious and cultural areas of activities And as of now, it has gained a position as one of the leading organisations in the state that work against injustice ,superstition, social backwardness, ignorance , illiteracy and so on.
This conference has flagged a theme which is absolutely relevant in terms of the current world.. Religion is equated to Tolerance, harmony and peace..
Let’s work for the unity in integrity of our great Nation and a real world of humanity,
let’s pray for the unnoticed around the globe.. We wholeheartedly welcome you, beckon you to the 9th state conference of KNM.. May the Almighty God bless you… Thank you very much…❞